About Us

Sarieddine Trading Establishment (STE) is one of the Emirate’s leading suppliers of building materials and finishing products. Delivering high-end materials and innovative designs, STE works to provide the nation with quality products for residential and commercial spaces.

UAE residents appreciate their lifestyle and understand the necessity of combining class and comfort in every corner of their living space. Through our ceramics, kitchen cabinets and sanitary ware, we make sure that every taste is satisfied and reflected in even the smallest of details.

Our drive is to raise the bar every day. We operate with the highest standards and services; our quest is one for quality. These characteristics have earned/won STE the ISO 9001 award, in addition to making us the proud receiver of the Casalgrande Padana, Twyford and Marazzi awards.

A Landmark for innovative quality

Conveniently situate in Sheikh Zayed Road of Abu Dhabi city, our showroom occupies 1000 m2 of contemporary space featuring the latest state-of-the-art displays and facilities. Another sumptuous showroom is located in Al Ain. Both are backed up with 8000 m2 of warehouse in Abu Dhabi storing the highest quality imported tiles to satisfy the most demanding clients who seek lavish and innovative designs to match their lifestyles.

Sarieddine, a synonym for innovation

Our name stands since 1977 of leading experience in the UAE Market. Enriched with our unequalled expertise, we have acquired through the years an in-depth understanding of our clientele’s changing tastes and demands and thus have continuously strived to stay new while growing bigger and better.

Generation after generation, our quality products are still perceived today as a synonym for refined elegance, unique design and constant innovation. In fact, operating in an extremely fast developing country like the UAE requires keeping pace with the growing needs of our national customers, and with the diverse resident communities. From all over the world, we import a selection of high-end quality products to cater for the needs of all types of habitations from luxurious palaces and lavish villas to the most practical and modern apartments.

New Standards of service excellence

In addition to best quality products, we are proud to complement our earned leadership position with world class services. Therefore we have always been renowned for being the best in quality and for our consistency in service excellence. To discover how innovation is not merely a world but a whole world of quality, refinement and unique services, we invite you to share the Sarieddine experience which will never fail to enchant you.